PT MOBAR Sarana Energi (MSE) was founded on 2004 in Bandung by a group of professionals with different industrial and working fields experience. PT MSE provides products & services in energy, industrial test and measurements, machine maker/special purpose machines, and industrial process control. The experiences of PT MSE personnel continually gained as well as company’s commitment to serve better and provide the best solution for the customers. The enlarging network of cooperation, contracts, or subcontracts with other companies promise ensured customers satisfaction.


  • Reliability and efficiency is our business
  • Provide the most suitable and cost effective solution


  • Acquire update technology
  • Provide cost effective, reliable, efficient equipment and technology



PT MSE provides products & services for industrial needs particularly on :

Power and process industries :

  • Operation and Maintenance of power generation equipments (Diesel engines, Gas engines, Gas
    turbines, Steam turbines).
  • Alternative fuel system. 
  • Consulting in maintenance technology. 
  • Condition monitoring services, including vibration monitoring & analysis for rotating equipments, and reciprocating equipments (Diesel engines, gas engines, compressors).
  • Provide reconditioned engines (rental or sale) for power generator, pumps, etc.

Automotive Industries :

  • Design, manufacture, sales and services of industrial testing equipments for automotive industries.
  • Services and Sales of industrial measurements : Flow, temperatures, pressure, speed, torque, alignment, etc.
  • Services and Sales of industrial testing : Vibration testing, Alignment testing, Hydrostatic testing, Balancing system.
  • Turn key project of : Chassis dynamometer system, Engine dynamometer system, Injector tester, Diesel engine injector, Gasoline engine injector, Leak tester.

Manufacturing/Process Industries :

  • Industrial automation and special purpose machineries.
  • Turn Key project for Special Purpose Machineries : Washing machine, Wheel balancing machine, Balancing machine, Jig and Fixtures, manual and/or automatic Special Drilling machines, Assembly machine, Core mould machine, Booster pumps, Etc.
  • Design, fabrication, and implementation of industrial automation, PLC systems, and Computer/Industrial PC systems : Design and implementation of Human Machine Interface (HMI), Data logging, SCADA. 
  • Steel structure and platform fabrication